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Fleet Explorer


The Fleet Explorer application is a revolutionary interactive experience designed for airlines to showcase its aircraft, in an entertaining and contemporary way. Airlines acquiring the latest aircraft models with new IFE systems from Panasonic will benefit from the new advancements in technology (3D) and enhanced processing power of these new systems.


The app can be completely customised to the airline’s fleet by using corporate identity, livery, features and specific services like connectivity.


  • 3D - The app offers complete 360 degree 3D models of all aircraft types, with specialized and customized livery for each individual aircraft. Users can interactively spin and explore the aircraft models in 3D.
  • Zoom - The app offers options to zoom into details of the aircraft, from all angles.
  • Materials - The app offers real-time reflections and lighting, giving an unsurpassed experience and visual quality to the aircraft presented in the app
  • Aircraft info - Information can be specifically added to each aircraft model using hotspots in the ‘Info’ section. Users interactively access these options by rotating the aircraft and selecting the desired information
  • Compare - This section allows the users to interactively compare the aircraft types in the fleet – by range, speed,etc. A fun way to access information.
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