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13 Mahjong


Play the 13 Mahjong (Hong Kong Mahjong) game. Accumulate your score in the Score Race mode, or play with 18 characters of different playing strategies and defeat them all to win the Champion Award. Rankboard will also keep the tile combination of the highest winning hand.

遊戲可選擇3番或8番起胡, 並特別提供兩種不同玩法,在【積分賽】中讓你盡情打牌創造高分;【擂台賽】裡可以必須挑戰18位不同個性與打牌策略的對手,才能贏得麻將王冠軍頭銜!

游戏可选择3番或8番起胡, 并特别提供两种不同玩法,在【积分赛】中让你尽情打牌创造高分;【擂台赛】里可以必须挑战18位不同个性与打牌策略的对手,才能赢得麻将王冠军头衔!


홍콩 마작 규칙은 두가지의 게임방법을 제공함. [누적점수]에서 최대한 높은 점수를 만들어낼 수 있다. [서바이벌]에서는 18명의 적수들에게 도전할 수 있다!

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